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Our birth rate is plunging through the floor, and replacement populations are being brought in from the Third World. An important aspect of addressing our demographic displacement is rebuilding the two-parent European-American family.

Family life lies at the core of the wellbeing of our Folk. Not just the nuclear family, but extended family ties as well. The two-parent European-American family is under assault from values portrayed in media, legal structures of divorce, feminist legislation, unrealistic expectations and economic reductionism just to name a few. 

As a result, fully one-third of our children are born without their biological father in the home; and half of the remainder wind up in that circumstance at some point due to divorce. Use of prescription psychoactive drugs is up, satisfaction is down, and children are left to be raised by strangers in corporate care centers or, when older, by their friends while parents pursue economic goals.

In order to be our best, we need to advance values and expectations that are consistent with the goal of kids having the best opportunity to realize the fullest of their potential, and this starts with the understanding that the two-parent European-American family is the ideal for which we must strive.  

The loss of the extended family has been a result of a "mobile workforce" of people moving willy-nilly to take the best jobs.  For untold generations, the presence of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins made our families more economically resilient, and thus more free, as well as providing a core of ready acceptance for our children and a backstop for parents.  We need to prioritize the retention and growth of extended family because of the resilience and stability it provides.

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