"The greatest charity one can do to another is to lead him to the truth." -St. Thomas Aquinas

Jun 14, 2013 Written by 

Buy Made in USA

As the recent coronavirus situation illuminated, the United States depends on foreign countries for far too much.  Buying American made products is critical to building a strong national economy.

European Americans United asserts itself as a nation, and believes the government in Washington, DC is approaching the status of a failed state.  This is not about supporting a government whose every action evinces a hatred for the American people, especially those of European ancestry.  Rather, buying American made goods and services is about supporting our neighbors and each other.



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About EAU

European Americans United is an ethics-based ethnic advocacy organization for European-Americans and a stateless Nation.  Encompassing appreciation for the wisdom of our founding fathers along with European New Right philosophy and third-position economics, we believe ideas and economics should serve our people, rather than our people being servants to ideological and economic forces.

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