Statehood vs Nationhood

These two concepts are deliberately conflated in order to confuse people.  A state is a government that exercises sovereign authority (basically the ability to kill people without consequence) within a given geographic space.  A nation is a group of people with a shared identity.   The United States of America, for example, is a state.  It exercises authority over numerous nations.  

Lars Erik Bryld of the Sovereign Principality of Corvinia breaks it down this way:

Statehood means acquisition and complete control over a territory, and the acceptance of this sovereignty by the international society.
Nationhood means a condition where a group of persons achieve a common identity as a people and the will to be identified as such.

European Americans United is a Nation

We are a group of people with a shared identity, shared history, shared language, broadly shared values, and a shared destiny.  Furthermore, we declare ourselves to be a nation, and our members identify as part of that nation.  Toward that end, we claim, in accordance with the 1933 Montevideo Convention:

Territory: the domicile of all members of our nation as a part of our national territory.  
Population: a permanent population of members, many of whom who have remained so for over a decade.  Being a nation, membership is for life.
Government: we are governed by a co-regency and an aristocratic hierarchy empowered to make laws.
Relations: we have a capacity to enter into relations with other nations or states if we so desire.

Furthermore, our intention as a nation is clear from our registration as a voluntary nation seeking diplomatic recognition on the BitNation blockchain.

Our Reign Cannot be Denied

According to the Treason Act of 1495, inherited via common law in the Anglosphere, “An Acte that noe person going wth the Kinge to the Warres shalbe attaynt of treason.”  Scholars interpret this to mean that the reign of those claiming to be monarchs over territories within that sphere cannot be denied.  As we are a co-regency, our leadership acts as monarchs.  This was used by the Principality of Hutt River.

The United States Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress in 1776 and states: "That whenever any Form (sic) of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…”  Thus, the members of our nation have an inherent right to affiliate with EAU, accepting it as their national government.  

The Atlantic Charter enjoins the powers to: “... respect the right of all peoples to choose the form of government under which they will live.”  All members of the European American Nation have chosen of their own free will to participate in this government.

Furthermore, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states that  "All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status…”

European Americans constitute "a People" that is distinct from other Peoples, and those European Americans who have affiliated with us voluntarily have exercised the right of all peoples to choose the form of government under which they live, and thus all other powers on the planet are constrained to respect that choice, and our status as a nation.


European Americans who voluntarily associate with European Americans United voluntarily accept our jurisdiction and national laws, which includes the agreement to abide by the terms of the membership agreement, adhere to our stated principles, and advance our statement of ethics.  All of our members above the rank of "Knight" constitute the European American national government.

Monero (XMR) Only


Membership in EAU is free and we do not collect dues.  However, donations (not tax deductible) are gladly welcomed.

In order to preserve your privacy and bypass a banking cartel that hates European Americans, we only accept Monero (XMR) for donations, and we have established Monero as our national currency.

You can donate to the following address, or use the convenient QR code: 4BEyYHnWRvGEBWEYmMuqatWsjemzqXqEA7Sz5s8cutNicvLYgo2QncR2phUm5ab8EgXhKuYdsdPsHCSoP48fGrJ3PsZ7WAB

As an organization dedicated to the preservation and exaltation of classical European values, we ask that our members and leaders maintain or develop a personal moral code germane to and reconcilable with that ancient value system. Generally, we respect our members’ liberty to conduct themselves as they wish, so long as their behavior does not potentially harm or bring disgrace upon themselves, our organization, or our people as a whole.

The plight of our people demands members who can devote themselves to honorable lives and deeds; we neither have the time nor the interest to work with those who cannot live by the principles for which we fight daily. Therefore, we expect our members to have pride in themselves, their family, and their race, and to always conduct themselves accordingly; we expect our members to value truth and righteousness and to be genuine and fair in all their dealings; we expect our members to value beauty, discipline, and progress and to strive to create and/or maintain distinctively impressive standards in art, education, and their professions; we expect our members to work for social justice and to respect and afford opportunity to their peers based not on their class or creed, but instead on their moral character and personal achievement; we expect our members to set a positive, productive example for their family and community in all of their manners and behaviors, including the maintenance of their physical appearance and their choice of acquaintances and personal habits; we expect our members to advance their education or employment in such a way that will enrich themselves and, by extension, benefit the organization and our people; we expect our members to respect and preserve the natural environment and to strive for its protection and restoration; ultimately, we expect our members to consider the welfare of their people and the impact thereunto of all their deeds, speech, and advocacies.

Membership is not extended to the general public. 

European Americans United is comprised of what Thomas Jefferson called the "natural aristocracy" of our people, which has been deliberately submerged by mercantile interests.  As a result, European Americans of high character are invited by existing members to join us. If you would like to join us and have not been invited, use our contact form to arrange a meeting with one of our members.

There are three types of membership/citizenship in EAU, one of which is available to new members.

Members are Knights, Aristocracy of various degrees, or Regents.

All members start as Knights and earn promotion through their display of character and work done on behalf of the Nation.

To become a member/citizen of EAU requires acceptance of and agreement with the following, in writing:

  • I have read and understood the organization’s Objectives, Statement of Principles, and Ethics and agree with them.
  • I can pursue the Objectives of the organization and adhere to its Principles with a clear conscience and without a conflict of interest.I am a person of wholly ethnic European ancestry and am not the beneficiary of any Right to Return to any nation, state or country other than the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and the countries of Europe.
  • I understand that the United States’ political system receives funding from a large number of corporate, ethnic and even professional special interests; and that political activism that thwarts or threatens to thwart the agendas of such special interests carries inherent risks limited only by the imaginations of persons and entities composing such special interests or beholden thereto.
  • I hereby forever release, discharge, hold harmless, exonerate and promise not to sue EAU or its directors, officers, contractors, volunteers, agents or their successors or assigns for any claims, damages, demands or liability of any nature whatsoever that arises either directly or indirectly from my participation in its activities.
  • I hereby agree and promise forever that I shall not disclose the identity of any other member of EAU to any person or entity that is not also a member of the organization unless compelled to do so by Court Order or under special exceptions included in the organization’s Constitution, and that I am liable for any and all damages that may accrue to any individual or organization harmed by my failure to keep this promise. I explicitly understand that this promise is forever and I am not released from it by the voluntary or involuntary termination of my membership, even if my membership was accepted by the organization on the basis of inaccurate information I provided or under a pseudonym.

European Americans United seeks to preserve and recapture the rights and freedoms of the people who built and founded our nation: European Americans. For far too long, our people and their collective interests have been marginalized and ignored; we have been abandoned by the American political establishment because, unlike every successful, self-conscious group, we have failed to organize ourselves effectively. European Americans United is eager to advocate on the behalf of European American interests, traditions, and values in an increasingly atomized, corrupt, and racially diverse America. 

Globalism, which takes many forms, is the main enemy of human diversity and freedom today. Corporations and governments seek to increase their power, and see local laws, traditions and cultures as a hurdle to be overcome. Only by protecting and strengthening these natural differences are all the world's people likely to establish genuine freedom and social justice. In any given nation, cultures and civilizations are the result of the experience of the basic foundational people and their values. In Europe and European-derived nations like America, our people are under the demographic threat of unchecked Third World immigration and the consequent destruction of our unique way of life. As more and more Third World immigrants pour across our borders in America and Europe, they will unquestionably change our traditions, our cultures, and even our forms of government. Our ideals of democracy, individual freedom, and personal responsibility are unique and exist in no other peoples of the world; we wish to preserve these ideals and pass them along to future generations of our European Americans. We recognize that, should our nation ever attain a non-European majority, our ways of life will be forever lost; they will be replaced by the ways of life cherished by the Third World populations who will then control our political process. America’s culture and political system will then, of course, simply reflect its Third World majority—it will begin to resemble Mexico, or Haiti, or Cuba. In European Americans United, we want more for our children and the future generations of our families.

Race: EAU supports self-determination for all races and peoples. We believe that European Americans have a right to decide how they will live, and that an eventual geographic separation is necessary for the preservation of all unique cultures and values. Our fundamental interest is what most benefits European Americans as a people, and the preservation of our genes and our lands is undoubtedly in our best interest.

Economy: Our nation was founded on values twinning personal initiative with mutual co-operation. From the Plymouth Colony to Andrew Jackson's Reforms, to the Homestead Act to the New Deal, Americans have known that we all are better off when we recognize basic standards of social justice. But thanks to globalism, dog-eat-dog economics has resulted in offshoring, outsourcing, the destruction of unions, and the gutting of the US economy. We advocate economic nationalism, which places the economy at the service of the nation; we believe that the welfare of our people should supersede all other things, including the ability of multinational corporations to exploit or ignore our people for unbridled profits.

Environment: For far too long, corporate interests have neglected our environment, while over-reliance on foreign oil has harmed our foreign policy. We call for efforts to balance man's relationship with the natural world; therefore, we work to eliminate pollution and the careless destruction of our natural environment. Likewise, we advocate strenuously for the ethical treatment of animals and the preservation of endangered and threatened species.

Freedom: All across the Western world we see threats to our traditional, hard-won freedoms—especially freedom of speech. Whether on college campuses with political correctness or thanks to the vast spying efforts of the US government, our freedoms are being undermined. We call for a return to the vision of the Founding Fathers: a vision that values the rights of people to dissent. We also value the original Bill of Rights, including man’s inalienable rights to keep and bear arms and to be secure in his home and possessions.

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About EAU

European Americans United is an ethics-based ethnic advocacy organization for European-Americans and a stateless Nation.  Encompassing appreciation for the wisdom of our founding fathers along with European New Right philosophy and third-position economics, we believe ideas and economics should serve our people, rather than our people being servants to ideological and economic forces.

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