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We can easily extrapolate from EAU’s basic positions and moderate tone what a nation under the authority of a white advocacy government might actually look like. Clearly, ending the integration and destruction of the founding race would have to be a top priority since our declining numbers are now a matter of public record.

Following an undetermined period of cultural change implemented by an influential minority of race-conscious advocates; corruption of established law by those whose aims deviate from that law would result in public abhorrence and subsequent degradation to the offender.

Except for the discovery of an imminent threat to our safety as a people, invading a sovereign nation would be a last resort. Foreign wars would be pointless since a white nationalist government’s primary concern would be domestic in nature.

While the pursuit of wealth would be encouraged; those whose actions are to the detriment of everyone else will have to be effectively neutralized by evenhanded law & the proper re- introduction of ethics; an ethics plan based not on class or creed, but instead on moral character and personal achievement.

And finally, the traditional family unit would be the cornerstone upon which all else was derived.

Immigration: Because a white nationalist government supports the self-determination and preservation of all races and peoples, one of the first things the government would do is hermetically seal its borders. Since the preservation of genes and land is undoubtedly a priority, the border between the United States, Mexico and Canada would be fortified with manpower and technology to prevent further incursions. While turning away the oncoming interlopers, inwardly the administration would empty the jails and prisons of non-white criminals, and humanely deport them.

To supplement this action a public campaign would be implemented, encouraging the rest to return to their homelands, to make the necessary improvements they want therein. A WN USA would also make it as uncomfortable as possible in terms of employment and public assistance for them to continue to remain. (Without question however there would be exceptions based on individual merit, not necessarily applied exclusively to Latinos, especially with regard to long established ties and history.)

Nevertheless once all humane removal was accomplished the administration would then endeavor to collect by whatever means necessary-- from the government of Mexico and the southern hemisphere -- all of the billions of dollars the European American taxpayer lost by subsidizing the public assistance, health care and education during their people’s stay.

Finally, we would negotiate among ourselves a return to pre-1965 immigration laws when nearly all immigration was from Europe.

This is not to say, however, that foreigners would never be allowed to temporarily enter and work in the United States. But –they would only be admitted according to their potential of contributing to the host nation’s general progress. Immigration officials would first guarantee that immigrants will be useful elements for the country and that they have the necessary funds for their provisions and for their dependents. Foreigners WILL be barred from the country if their presence upsets the stability of the national demographics, or when they are considered negative to economic or national interests, when they do not act like good citizens in their own country, or when they have broken American laws, and when they are not found to be physically or mentally healthy.

In fact a WN USA will have the option of suspending or outright prohibiting the admission of foreigners when it determines it to be in the national interest. Foreigners with fake papers, or who enter the country under false pretenses, will most definitely be imprisoned.

Economy: Since our nation was founded on values coupling personal endeavor with joint co-operation, European Americans have demonstrated over the years that we all are better off when we adhere to fundamental standards of social justice and free enterprise. This is to say the federal government would adhere to the Tenth Amendment as originally intended by allowing each state’s citizens to create and maintain the kind of economy only the best and brightest can create, including international cordial trade policies with all other nations.

The implication of course is those that facilitated NAFTA, GATT, the WTO, the Federal Reserve and the IRS would have much to answer for. Consequently those organizations, which do not have our people’s best economic interests at heart, would be gone overnight.

The best tax system to replace the punishing graduated tax code European Americans are now forced to endure through “voluntary compliance” would be the Fair Tax, or something akin to it, ensuring people keep all of what they earn while funding the government on the retail side. “Dog-eat-dog” global economics that has resulted in off shoring, outsourcing, the destruction of unions, and the gutting of the US economy would be outlawed. Incentives such as tax breaks for corporations to participate would be generous.

A WN USA would therefore promote economic nationalism, which places the economy at the service of the nation; believing that the welfare of our people should supplant all other things, including the capacity of multinational corporations to abuse or disregard our people for uninhibited profit margins. Again as far as international trade is concerned, the United States would trade freely with anyone who wishes to do business, provided it doesn’t minimize or harm our own manufacturing base.

Environment: Corporate interests more often than not damage the natural environment. This egregious practice would come to an immediate halt and remain stringently enforced. An over-reliance on foreign oil, which has harmed our foreign policy, would be replaced with environmentally “friendly” drilling and the exploration of our own oil, natural gas and the appropriation of technology that further minimizes the byproducts of using coal. A WN USA would work to emulate France, which has more nuclear reactors than any other nation on earth, building as many of its own safe and reliable nuclear reactors as possible to power the economy; thus keeping the charge of use affordable.

A white nationalist government would do what was possible to stabilize man's relationship with the natural world. For example, mass public relations programs encouraging more telecommuting to keep as many vehicles as possible off the roads; the development of better mass transit by the private sector, the healthy utilization of unused (reclaimed) “brown fields” such as for orchards and root crops; allowing people to plant and raise what they wished to not only feed their families but financially support themselves and their local economies. 

Heavier penalties than we see today would be imposed upon those whose careless ambivalence about the natural environment has claimed untold injury to the land, air and water; though regulations would be simplified so anyone would understand them. Likewise, a white nationalist government, which values the diversity of all races, would consequently lobby strenuously for the ethical treatment of domestic and wild animals; the preservation of scarce and vulnerable species, and the conservation of their diversity.

Freedom: Having examined the greatest successes of European peoples; we believe that our greatest growth and achievements (Greece, Rome and the U.S. up until the 1930's) have always been under Republican rather than Socialist forms of government. So instead of turning to dictatorship, a white nationalist government turns to Thomas Jefferson.  In essence, Jefferson conceived of a purely European-derived nation in which individuals (bound to the community's wellbeing through morality) had wide latitude of action; while government could not be misused to benefit some people at the expense of others because its sphere of action was limited. (Obviously, the vision of Jefferson, Washington, Madison and Jay was perverted; almost from the very start, by a radical known as Alexander Hamilton.)

Furthermore, like any government structure, Republics must have limitations of scale, and may only achieve their desired outcomes with a majority European population as it was intended.

Clearly, some fine-tuning of this concept is required to make it workable. That fine-tuning in the ongoing work of the European New Right will be critically considered. However an American white nationalist political philosophy lies in a perfection of the U.S. Constitution which facilitates the defense and improvement of our folk.  Additionally an honest re-assessment of the original Bill of Rights would include a zealous public undertaking at all stages of education and public discourse.

A white nationalist government would in essence be religion neutral and people would be free to worship, or not worship, as they wished. 

In addition, traditional, hard-won freedoms—especially freedom of speech and the right to keep and bear arms – would be relentlessly protected. No citizen would fear an incursion on his home by agents of the state, or threatened with loss of livelihood, for simply questioning a government policy.

The vast spying capabilities of a white nationalist government would not undermine the people’s peace of mind, but would only be utilized after the most scrutinizing investigation.

Political correctness on college campuses would be a thing of the past, a relic of dark days, through a renewed effort of inculcating in our young people the learning of real history in an inspiring truthful context.

Moreover, a white nationalist government would call for a return to the vision of its European Founding Fathers who valued the rights of our people to dissent and subsist according to their natural inclinations.

Race: Thomas Jefferson warned us that, while the African slaves would have to be freed, that once emancipation had occurred they would need their own country separate from ours if we expected to be equally free. "Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people [blacks] are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them." --Thomas Jefferson: Autobiography, 1821. ME 1:72

Because of the so-called “civil rights” movement an ever increasing number of white Americans are beginning to see that it was only they who were supposed to give up any sense of racial solidarity. However, a white nationalist government would support self-determination for all races and peoples domestically and around the world. It would also allow European Americans to decide where they wish to live and enforce a right to decide how they will live, provided their choice does not cause an undue financial or social burden on the rest.

Nevertheless, perceiving that a wholly white America is not realistic for the foreseeable future, in certain regions a domestic geographic separation would be necessary for the preservation of all unique cultures and ethnicities; allowing the natural proclivities of every race to live among their own kind provided these regions were beneficial to the European American nation as a whole.

While some will be repulsed at such a proposal, consider that over the past forty years, our current form of government and dozens of private organizations have tried to put things right in a variety of ways -- generous scholarship programs, head start, affirmative action, early intervention and the investment of untold trillions of dollars. Yet, after all of this effort, the living conditions of the average black child are actually worse than they were 40 years ago.

Back in 1960, one-fifth of black children were born out of wedlock; whereas today, it is more than half. There can be no more telling example of a policy that not merely fails to achieve its stated objectives, but makes matters materially worse, and at a terrible cost in terms of human misery. Which is to say living under an ostentatiously apartheid system that regarded them as less-than-human, where blacks had their own schools, their own colleges, their own churches, their own social structures and so forth - blacks had stronger marriages, lower crime and in many cases higher academic achievement than they do today.

African-Americans didn't somehow become less intelligent today than they were 80 years ago and IQ scores are not the explanation. European-Americans didn't somehow become more "racist" than we were 80 years ago -- if anything, they have become less “racist.” The major negative change that occurred to blacks was integrating them into white culture under the faulty auspices of ‘democracy.’

Therefore, the quest for the concept of racial equality is by default a search for the lowest common denominator as demonstrated today. When European Americans’ perceptions are hindered by alien or caustic influences, especially from a media whose sole aim is to promote shallowness, political correctness and consumption, (a media that would be wholly reigned in without compunction under a white nationalist government), the pursuit of equality is, in reality, the destruction of quality.

A white nationalist government’s primary concern then would be what most benefits European Americans as a people, again with the preservation of genes and land undoubtedly being in everyone’s best interest. By acknowledging true diversity, which can only be preserved by way of segregation, all residents  will be able to celebrate not only their own improvement but their rising numbers, intra-personal group influence, and undreamed of possibilities for the future.

War: Rather than sending off our best and brightest to fight and die for nationally unfavorable corporate commercial and government entities, a white nationalist America would above all else seek peaceful co-existence with other nations, so long as they did not threaten the organic destiny of our people.

Conclusion: Our people’s enemies

Far and wide the Marxist elite continue to educate our children that to defend our genetic and historical legacy is the very depiction of evil; while assisting in the long term goals of non-white segments of society and the world at large is righteous and good. The end result will be not only the measured genocide of European derived people but the genocide of all races through war, miscegenation and loss of identity. A white nationalist government flatly rejects these outcomes.

Therefore if current political and social trends persist it will become unavoidable, and therefore necessary to conclude that what European Americans’ enemies refer to as a “haters” and “bigots” is going to be needed to prevent this kind of upheaval and loss, even potential violence European America’s enemies themselves have candidly promoted for decades.


A White person is a human being of solely native European  ancestry; or a human being who, if they have non-European antecedents, is  nonetheless of a physical and genetic makeup that is within the range typical of people of solely European ancestry; or, the child of two Whites.  A White Nationalist is a White person who is, by their actions and their voluntary public declaration, politically committed to the welfare of Whites, and to their continuing survival as a distinct and reproductively isolated group of human beings.


Note: Image by Tjo3ya under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 Unported license.  No endorsement implied.

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